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4 Incredible Video Clips, Which Were Made by Mobile Phones

It is impossible to believe, that these video clips were made by a mobile phone. They were made not by a regular mobile phone, but by an iPhone. It is really easy to see which phone has better video camera.

#1 – Filmed on the New iPhone 5

by Eightlimb Films

…Blown away by the results I took it into final cut did a quick chop and 20 minute color grade. This is what excites me about the future of video cameras
Eightlimb Films

Filmed on the New iPhone 5

#2 – iPhone 4s — Thailand

by artisland

Sometimes it is not important (to a certain extent) what camera you are using, it is important how you are using it. This clip proofs the point. Real artist can make amazing clips with any camera.

iPhone 4s -- Thailand

#3 – A video shot on the iPhone 4S

by Benjamin Dowie

Holy cow. Time to throw my 7D in the bin
…Got home, looked at the footage, and couldn’t believe it came out of a phone. Was so excited so thought I’d quickly cut a vid to share the goodness…
Benjamin Dowie

A video shot on the iPhone 4S

#4 – Framed – an iphone 4S short story

by Mael Sevestre

This video is not just a short video clip. This is like a short movie, which has nice story to tell.

Framed – an iphone 4S short story

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