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3 Video Clips With Inspiring Animation

3 Video Clips With Inspiring Animation

3 video clips with animation: hand made animation on paper; animation created by using color HP printer; very nice typography animation.

Noteboek (eng: Notebook) by Evelien Lohbeck

4 experimental films where Evelien Lohbeck is trying to confuse reality.

Evelien Lohbeck website
Evelien Lohbeck YouTube Chanel.

HP – Hit Print

Animation work created with HP printers.
If your printer could bring your research to life, how would it look?

missdavinalee page on MySpace.com
misdavinalee YouTube Chanel

Shop Vac

Incredible “Shop Vac” typography animation video by Jonathan Coulton.

You can get lyrics of the song in the video or buy mp3 version at Jonathan Coulton website.
Jonathan Coulton YouTube Chanel

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