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Few Cool Design Ideas for Shoes

Design Ideas for Shoes

Design Ideas for Shoes

Facebook, Firefox and Twitter themes for geeks running shoes and horse hoof shoes priced $2080.
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Useful Google Chrome Extesions

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is my favorite web browser. I think, it is the best browser available now and it can fit any taste. The name ‘chrome’ stands for light weight design – all unnecessary features (chrome) is removed. I really like this idea, because without all toys which other browsers have, Google Chrome is very fast and reliable browser. However, I need some extra features which are not available by default (i.e. RSS feeds subscription, bookmarks synchronization, etc). There are many extensions available for Google Chrome from Google Chrome Website. Here is the list of the most useful (in my opinion) extensions for Google Chrome. It is also very easy to remove or disable extension which you don’t like from Google Chrome Extensions page (Configuration menu — Tools — Extensions).

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