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Strange Pick for Car Commercial

Honda made a remake of the cult movie ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ as 2012 CR-V commercial. The movie was awesome and the commercial is pretty good too. Certainly, it is an excellent idea to skip a day from work and enjoy it with a brand new Honda CR-V, however…

However, one issue to take in consideration, while watching this commercial, is the car accident, which has happened with Matthew Broderick in 1987 in Northern Ireland, when he was driving on a wrong side of the road. Two people died after head-on crush and Matthew with his girlfriend survived with minor injuries.

Matthew had stated, that he can’t remember anything at all of what happened on that day. Initially he faced up to five years in jail, but he had been convicted only of careless driving and fined of $175. The victims’ family called the case “a travesty of justice”.

I’m not judging, but taking in consideration all modern “political correctness” it is very strange that such car manufacturer as Honda has picked up Matthew Broderick to advertise their new model, knowing about that accident.

Also, aging Matthew Broderick doesn’t really impose personality of a party animal, after 26 years since “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” movie.

Nevertheless, this video has reached almost 16 million views, so please enjoy Matthew Broderick in 2012 Honda CR-V commercial.

Matthew Broderick in 2012 Honda CR-V commercial

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