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Welcome to WebCrawlerBlog (WCB)

WCB is all about interesting and entertaining stuff – interesting pictures, incredible videos on YouTube, fascinating historical facts, etc. These days Internet is like a trash can and you may waste significant part of your time looking for something truly entertaining.

I’ve selected few themes to post about:


Advertisement is like some form of the art and this art has very strong influence on people. It makes people spend their money on different things and services. Can you imagine how difficult it is to convince people to buy something just after looking at advertisement poster or after watching a very short video?


I like unusual approach to the design and I like beautiful things. In this category I want to share with you some unusual and nice designs.


I’m crazy about different electronics and gadgets. I want to share here reviews of new gadgets or comparison of popular electronic devices.


I get attracted sometimes by some interesting historical facts. It is necessary to do certain level of investigation and research to get more or less complete knowledge of the matter.


I like movies more than anything else. Right now I have a few real stories which were used for the movie screenplay.


I place posts without text in this category.


Review of the different software packages, which you may find useful.


I love YouTube and I hate YouTube! I love YouTube, because it is an endless amount of entertainment and I hate it, because it is so difficult to find anything there.


If I can’t find relative category, but I feel it worst posting, I will place it here.

Posting Frequency

I’m aiming to publish at least one post per week. However, I may be late with new posts due to different reasons (mainly, because I’m part time blogger). I recommend you to subscribe to my news and you will be notified by email or via RSS feed (both provided by Google FeedBurner service) about updates. Also you can follow me on Tweeter, Facebook or GooglePlus.

Have a happy browsing,
Alec Spiderman

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